Flights to Bhutan

Druk Air

Bhutan’s national carrier, Druk Air, and Bhutan Airlines both provide international flights into Bhutan’s international airport located in Paro, about one and a half hours drive from Thimphu.

Druk Air has a fleet of modern Airbus A-319 and ATR planes. Druk Air flies in and out of Bhutan from:

  • Bangkok (BKK – Thailand)
  • Delhi (DEL – India)
  • Mumbai (BOM – India)
  • Kolkata (CCU – India)
  • Bagdogra (IXB – India)
  • Gaya (GAY – India)
  • Guwahati (GAU – India)
  • Kathmandu (KTM – Nepal)
  • Dhaka (DAC – Bangladesh)
  • Changi (SIN – Singapore)

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Bhutan Airlines

Bhutan Airlines began its international operations in October 2013. It’s sectors to Bhutan include:

  • Bangkok (BKK – Thailand)
  • Delhi (DEL – India)
  • Kolkata (CCU – India)
  • Kathmandu (KTM – Nepal)

The flight into Paro is one of the most spectacular in the world. Whether flying along the Himalayan range or over the foothills from Kolkata, each flight is mesmerising and offers an exciting descent into the kingdom. Please note that due to variable weather conditions, and the fact that the airport in Paro can only operate during daylight hours, flight can delays can occur. It is advisable to keep lengthy connecting times with any onward flights.

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Please note that there is no seat allocation available on Druk Air or Bhutan Airlines flights into Bhutan from any sector in the economy or business class.

Domestic Flights

Druk Air is the online airline to operate domestic flights within Bhutan. The flights take place between Paro, Gelephu, Yongphula, and Bathpalathang (Bumthang). This air link will provide an excellent opportunity for those wanting to explore the western and eastern districts of Bhutan without the long drive times.

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