Client’s Testimonials

"Dear Thoesam, You have been a fantastic agent. Your Knowledge of your country is most impressive and we have learned a lot from you.We are also very touched by your care and concern and honored by your kind hospitality.We will take back fond memories of Bhutan to Singapore."
Priscilla and Teoh Lim Sew
"With many thanks for your expert guidance and especially teaching on Buddhism. We enjoyed the trip very much and well keep many memories about Bhutan in our hearts. Unforgettable is the Big Story! Thank you very much for your special and supportive care during our hikes. With Kind Regards and Best Wishes."
Kathrin & Henry
"Dear Lhamo, dear Tenzin, dear Phub and Team,
we would like to thank you all so much for the wonderful experience you made possible: to spend more than two weeks with you in Bhutan and to do the Jomolhari – Lingshi – Laya – Gasa – Trek with you.
It all started months ahead of the trek with the always competent planning of the itinerary via email with the headquarters (Lhamo). This continued when we met our guide (Tenzin) who accompanied us before, during and after the trek like a friend and did everything to make us feel like kings. And it was the whole crew on the trek, the cook (!), the porter who was for us almost an assistant guide (Phub) and all others who gave us the continuous feeling of comfort and safety in all situations. It was so much fun! We will miss you.
We will recommend Thoesam Tours and Treks to everybody who plans a stay in Bhutan. Thanks so much."
Heribert, Christine, Nadja & Andreas
"I thank you all for all that you have done for me! It was much more than expected. I keep this time with the guide and driver in a very good memory deep in my heart in a special place."
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